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Saturday, April 4, 2015



In the eyes of the world, the death of Jesus was the death of God; for the apostles, it was the death of their hope and salvation.  The Trinitarian drama of self-giving love did not end in the emptiness of death on Good Friday but rather rose to the fullness of life in Easter Sunday. 

The death of Jesus on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice offered to the Father was not in vain.  The Father accepted, sanctified and transformed that sacrifice into New Life by raising His Son from the dead through the Holy Spirit.  The Paschal Mystery was continuously unfolding: from the scandal of the cross to the emptiness of the tomb; from the total abandonment in hell to the explosion of the light and life!
The resurrection was both earthly and heavenly; in fact it was the event that connected heaven and earth as one.  As both earthly and eschatological  event that happened within and beyond human history, it grafted man’s story into the “history of God”.
There are only two aspects of our belief that distinguish Christianity from all other religions:  our belief in the Trinity and the cross.  We believe that the Paschal Mystery endured by Jesus in his passion, suffering and death was also the action of the Father in and through the Holy Spirit.  It was the manifestation in creation of the boundless love of God expressed in the pain and death of the Son.  For us the greatest unfolding of the Trinity is the cross:  the self-emptying of the Father in the abandonment of his Son; the unwavering obedience of the Son in giving back to the Father everything he received in gratitude; and presence of the Holy Spirit that connected the Father and the Son in their total forsakenness. Jesus on the cross represented the crucified Trinity!  Jesus hanging on the cross without earthly beauty and despised by the world as a useless criminal was the most beautiful image of God we can ever have!

Incarnation is the Father’s gifting of his Son to be part of and to save humanity; Easter is the Father’s ultimate gift of his crucified Son back to humanity in his transcended glory!  It is the total transformation of the all that is ugly and un-godly into something greater and beyond than we could ever thought of.  It transformed creation back to its “christic form” that includes every man and woman until the end of time. 

The beauty of the resurrection is not only seen in the glorious body of Christ but also in the wounds that never healed even after its transformation.  Those wounds in his hands, feet and breast which refused to heal are the silent witnesses of the passion of the crucified God.  They also remind us that the Paschal Mystery did not end even after the resurrection.  The Paschal Mystery as an eschatological event happens in the “Eternal Now”.  It never ends!  That is why we just don’t celebrate the death of Jesus nor his resurrection as historical events that happened within human history but rather in and through our paschal character, we enter into it as active participants by making it present in the “now of our lives” as witnesses.
The resurrection takes the centre stage in the mystery of our faith.  It gives us a reason to hope.  When we proclaim these resurrection stories, we just dont listen to them as simply stories but they invite us to enter into the mystery that shaped and transformed the early Church and the world and still transforming us today. 

We believe that we form a “continuum of the resurrection story”  of  an "Alleluia People making present the resurrection in our world which is continuously transforming our existence into the life of the Crucified and Risen Christ.

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