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Thursday, December 25, 2014



We were promised a Saviour
But we never dreamed that God himself would come to save us;
We knew that He loves us
But we never dared to think that He loves us so much as to become like us.
But it is the way God gives.
His gifts are never quite what we expect
But always better,
Something far better than we hope for.
We can only dream of things too good to be true;
God has a habit of giving things too good to be false.

That is why our Christian faith
Is the faith in the unexpected, a religion of surprise.
Now more than ever, living in times so troubles,
Facing a future so uncertain, we need such faith.
We need it for ourselves and we need to give it to others.
We must remind the world that if Christmas comes in the dead winter
It is that there may be an Easter in the spring.

- Horacio de la Costa, SJ -

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