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Sunday, April 13, 2014



Hanging between heaven and earth
Left alone in the abyss of darkness
I bow my head in absolute humility
Nothing to hold on to in my emptiness
Save the boundless love that binds me
To my beloved who brought me here.

My troubled heart profusely bleeds
For affections I have to surrender
My weak spirit is utterly crushed
For friendship I have to break
My tongue is frozen and numbed
From lamentations I have to wail.

Don’t comfort me with words of wisdom
To find meaning in my folly
I do not need you to sing me dirges
As soothing balm for my pain
Nor a cloth to cover my nakedness
To spare me from excruciating pain.

Until I have still something to give
My offering is never complete
When everything is emptied out
And my last precious drops of blood
Fall into the sacred fire of divine love
Then my life will at last begin.

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