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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Matthew 4:12-23

         After being  rejected by his own people in Nazareth Jesus chose Galilee as his home base for the next three years of his life.   It was here where Jesus would embark his public ministry like a shining light to the people sitting in darkness.
      Jesus chose Galileans as his apostles because they were simple people who were more open to new ideas and adventure as compared to the people of other regions who were close-minded and lacking enthusiasm.  The first apostles he called were two sets of brothers Peter and Andrew, James and John.  But why fishermen?  Because they would soon be fishers of men. 
     The gospel is silent as to the reaction and emotions of the first apostles when  Jesus invited them follow him.   Surely they must had questions like what they were about to do, where they were going, what would happen to their families and many other concerns.   We did not hear any of them other than "at once they left their nets and followed him." The calling of Jesus was so powerful and irresistible that they left their nets which represented everything they had and followed him!          
      Can we provide Jesus a new Galilee to spark a new light once more among our people who are sitting in darkness?   Are we ready to listen to the Word speaking to us, inviting us to leave the nets of our security?   Are we ready to break our hearts to give way for an adventure of a lifetime even if it means leaving loved ones and giving up possible relationships?  Are we ready embrace the company of a new family who feel the same urge to do something extraordinary for the world.  Are we ready to be surprised with joy beyond all telling in the reward of giving oneself as a gift to humanity?
       Two thousand years after the calling of the first apostles, Jesus continues to call men and women to leave nets, boats and families to become fishers of men.   They are those who choose the narrow road less traveled by.  They are the living witness that anywhere can be a Galillee, that the Word continues to speak in the hearts of humanity so that those who are living in darkness can see light again and those in the shadow of  death  can embrace life once more.  
        Come and see....

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