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Monday, December 30, 2013


                             Luke 2:16-21

             Virginity and motherhood are the crowning glories of Mary.
         Being a virgin and mother at the same time, Mary is the model and icon of the Church.  The Church being the bride of Christ is and will always be a virgin: pure and undefiled. The Church is also a mother who continuously gives birth to the children of God.  Mary remained a virgin by the grace of God who at the same time became a mother to Jesus, to the New Humanity, the Church and a mother to us all.
         Mary’s motherhood started when She said her Fiat to the message of the incarnation by the angel Gabriel even without the intervention of a human father. Being the Mother of God, Mary did not just give herself to be the bearer of the Word but made it possible that the Word should become flesh.   Her motherhood continued beyond her relationship with Jesus when she became the Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ beneath the cross: “Woman behold your son… behold your mother….” (John 19:26-27).  She was there in the birthing of the Church as its icon, model and most eminent member  (Acts 1:14).  She will always give birth to the new children of God until the end of time (Revelation 12).
          When we were baptized, the Church gave birth to us that is why the She is our mother.   Because Mary is the icon of the Church, she also gave birth to us and we also call her our mother.   That made us adopted children of God and brothers and sisters with the rest of humanity.
             As children of God, we were all grafted unto the Mystery of the Incarnation of Christ.  Having received the "Seed of the Word" (semen logou), like Mary, each one of us provides a fertile womb for the  birthing of the Word in the world.  It is in our spiritual fecundity that the Word in our hearts once again speaks in the soul of humanity re-creating it once again like a new Genesis.  When this happens, we share in the dignity of Mary's motherhood as the bearers of the Word made flesh....   

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