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Saturday, May 4, 2013




John 14:23-2

   One of the hardest things to do is to say goodbye to the ones we love.  It sometimes rends our hearts as it is emotionally draining.  It breaks something in us, maybe a relationship,  home, friendship and when it is permanent like the death of someone close to us, it is usually devastating.  We always endeavor to  leave something precious that will remind the person/s we leave behind about us.

When Jesus announced to His apostles that He was going away, we could imagine how devastated they were.  This was because they were not enlightened yet and had to struggle to understand what was going on.   Jesus assured them that His physical absence would actually be a “creative presence”, a notion which they would only understand in the light of Easter.  Jesus revealed something explosive in the ears of His apostles that He will continue to be with them, this time together with His Father to those who will keep His word.  The Father and Jesus will indwell in the person who will be faithful to the teachings of Jesus: “The Father and I will make a home with him.”   It was a new way of Jesus’ presence with the apostles which transcends time and space.

Added to the indwelling of the Father and Jesus was the promise of the presence of the Holy Spirit by the name “Advocate”.  It was a pre-announcement of the Pentecost!   When Jesus goes back to the Father, the Holy Spirit will inaugurate a new era in the History of Salvation.   This distinct period of history will be permeated with the presence of the Paraclete.  Jesus announced two of the functions of the Paraclete namely: to teach the apostles all things and remind them of everything that Jesus taught.   There will be no new revelation by the Paraclete but an infusion of wisdom and understanding in the minds of the followers of Jesus.  The Paraclete will also make present the teachings and words of Jesus making them always fresh and new in the hearts of all believers for all time.  Indeed with the coming of the Paraclete, Jesus has come back and will never leave again His followers albeit in the spiritual sense. 

Once again Jesus leaves His peace, not as a mere greeting the way we give when we meet someone.   It is not the absence of noise, conflict nor pain but the serenity of heart in the midst of afflictions and suffering.   It is the tranquility of the heart that enables the believers to face hardships, difficulties and even death.

Yes it was devastating for the apostles to hear that their Master would not be with them physically anymore but they should not be disheartened because He would still be with them in a new and fuller way, that is through the indwelling of the Trinity in their hearts.    This is a foretaste of the fullness of life when the Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit dwell within us and make us  temples of God!  This is living the Trinitarian life!

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